Canadian Visa Documents complete detail


When it comes to developed countries to live, study, or visit, Canada is always remembered. In addition to the traditional European countries and the United States of America, Canada is one of the leading tourism destinations for being, among many other attributes, a first world country. As in the neighboring United States, a visa is required to enter Canadian soil. There are two categories of Canadian visas: eTA, electronic travel authorization, and the conventional tourist visa. 

Difference between eTA and the conventional tourist visa 

 Called Electronic Travel Authorization (Electronic Travel Authorization, initially), eTA is a tourist visa like the conventional ones, but cheaper and with a faster issuing process. 

Available to the Brazilian people since the beginning of 2017, it is accepted only when entering the country by air. 

If the entry is sea or land, it is not valid. However, to gain access to eTA, an individual must hold a valid United States of America visa or have already obtained a Canadian visa in the last ten years. 

It is an online visa, requested on the Canadian government website, 

 Any Brazilian citizen who does not meet the ETA specifications, who does not have a valid American visa, or has not obtained a Canadian visa in the last ten years can apply for the TRV.

Which documents to obtain a Canadian visa?

Now that we are familiar with the two categories of Canadian visas, we can detail information for the visa to be obtained. 

A fundamental step in the process for both eTA and TRV is delivering the requested documents. For the requested visa to be successfully obtained, all documents must be delivered in the most precise possible way. Next, we’ll look at the necessary documents. If the visa to be requested is the TRV: – Valid passport; – Copy of passport sheets containing your name and other personal data, your photo and document number; – Two current photos three × 5 (also accepted in size 3.5 x 4.5); – Financial proof (last income tax with delivery receipt, the last three pay stubs, social contract, and bank statements); – Personal documents such as RG (General Registry), birth and marriage certificate. The same documents are required to request eTA, except for financial proof. 

If the tourist is someone under 18 years of age, there must be an authorization signed by the parents or guardians issued by a responsible agency. 

SWORN TRANSLATION is not necessary to present the documents above, but it is essential to stay on Canadian soil. Sworn translation is the process of the official translation of a document. There are several types of translation. However, the sworn one is the one that needs more details and specifications, so it is treated as the official translation of a particular document. 

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The Brazilian citizen’s documentation in question must be translated by the laws, rules, and specifications of the country of destination. The same process is used the other way around; when a foreign citizen comes to Brazil, he needs a sworn translation to have his documents by Brazilian law. Therefore, to live generally in Canada, your documents must comply with Canadian specifications, laws, and rules.

 After sending the documents, it is necessary to fill in some forms to proceed with the Canadian visa application. Are they: – Request form IMM5257E – a four-page document for personal and travel data. It must be completed individually, validated, printed, and signed; – Two copies per applicant of the VFS Consent Form – for using the Visa Application Center; – Additional Information Questionnaire – must be printed, completed by hand, and signed. 

There are other forms, which must be filled out if the individual’s situation fits any of the following characteristics: – Family information form (IMM5645 or IMM5707) – for all applicants if the visas belong to a single family; – Schedule 1 Form (IMM5257 – Schedule 1) – only for applicants who have or have had ties to political parties, military service, civil defense or a relevant position in the Judiciary; – Declaration of Stable Union (IMM5409) – only for those in unions registered in notary offices. 

After filling in and sending it online, the system will generate a bar code for each applicant, thus allowing fees.

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