Documents for issuing the American visa

A visa is required. When it comes to entering the United States of America, it is no different. Each nation has its specification, its laws, and its rules. In this article, we will detail the specifications, laws, and rules for entering the North American country, in addition to the entire process for issuing a visa. Obtaining a visa is a fundamental step, perhaps even the most critical part of the process. Several documents are requested at each stage of the process, and care must be taken to ensure that the documentation is delivered correctly. There are no problems in issuing the visa.

What documents are required to issue an American visa? 

The government of the United States of America, although it is rigid with the entry of foreigners into its country, as we already know, asks only for the primary documents, nothing that is difficult to obtain and, consequently, to present. The documents requested are those that prove income and those that establish a link with Brazil. The first category, proof of income, must confirm that the individual in question has enough income to live in the United States; that is, he has income to cover direct expenses in the country. Those in the second category, as the name implies, serve to prove that the individual has a link with Brazil. This link is generally proven through family, professional/student, employment, and real estate ties. 

What documents to take in the 2020 US visa interview?

  • Income and property documents of the applicant, the spouse, if applicable, 
  • and the payer of the trip, for all applicants; – 
  • Bank statements of the last three months preceding the date of the interview (checking account, savings, investments, funds); – 
  • Income Tax Declaration with Original Delivery Receipt (Last); –
  •  Registration of Real Estate or Deeds; – 
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate; – 
  • Wedding certificate; – 
  • Proof of income.

If the individual is employed:

– 3 last paychecks; 

– Work Permit or Functional Permit;

 If the individual is an employer: 

– 3 last problems; 

– Social Contract and last Amendment; 

– Copy of CNPJ; 

– Income Tax (Legal Entity); 

– Company statements.

The Sworn Translation is not required in this first presentation of documents, but during the stay on American soil, that is sorely needed. Sworn translation is the process of the official translation of a document. There are several types of translation, but the sworn one is the one that needs more details and specifications, so it is treated as the official translation of a particular document. The Brazilian citizen’s documentation in question must be translated by the laws, rules, and specifications of the country of destination. The same process is used the other way around; when a foreign citizen comes to Brazil, he needs a sworn translation to have his documents by Brazilian law. Therefore, to live naturally in the United States of America, your documents must comply with US specifications, laws, and rules.

Steps to obtain the American visa

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