How to get a visa for study in the united states latest update

The search for studies abroad has increased more and the years. According to the Brazilian Education and Language Travel School (BELTA), 365 thousand Brazilians went abroad to exchange. 

Last year’s report, 2019, has not yet been released, but experts believe Brazilians’ number has exceeded 400,000 students. The main reason for doing an exchange is usually the search for greater fluency in a specific language, in this case, English, and the opportunity to live abroad, which many specialists believe in helping when gaining a job. 

Another reason for carrying out exchange is to live and learn more about a new culture, get to know a new lifestyle, and, depending on the program chosen, work in another country. On average, exchange courses last from 1 month to 12 months. One of the leading countries that attract foreigners to carry out exchange programs in the United States. In all, there are more than 4 million institutions available to receive exchange students from all over the world. 

 The English language is another factor that attracts students. It is the most widely spoken language globally, and many companies require English as a requirement at the time of the selection process. 

How does the US student visa work? 

To obtain this visa, the educational institution must send a document that proves your enrollment and a minimum workload of 20 hours of classes per week. If the course has a lower workload, the government understands that the primary purpose is leisure, thus issuing a tourist visa. 

It is also necessary for the student visa applicant to provide financial proof that guarantees permanence conditions in the country, through its resources or a responsible person. After completing the course, the student will have time to return to the country of origin. 

How to get a USA student visa? As soon as we travel to the United States to study, we need to ask ourselves how to get a USA student visa. Without a visa, it will not be possible to travel to the country, so it is an essential document. The visa application and issuance process can be time-consuming and bureaucratic, as it is necessary to fill in forms, send documents and conduct online and face-to-face interviews. The first step is to be accepted by an educational institution. 

In this case, it will be necessary to send personal and school documents, which must go through the Puntoprecisoapp translation service. For those unfamiliar, Puntoprecisoapp Translation is the translation process that ensures that a document is valid in another country. 

After payment, the applicant must register on the website and request the video and, thus, possibly, he will be called for an interview. There are few cases where the student visa is denied due to the institutions’ contact with the consulates. To request a quote right now and without obligation, fill out the form below, and we will return your request soon! 

How long does it take to get a student visa in the United States? 

As we said in the previous topic, due to all the bureaucracy and the sending of documents, the applicant’s biggest question revolves around how long it takes to get a student visa from the United States. After the interview at the consulate for the visa application, the process itself takes approximately 15 working days. Visa delivery by post may take four weeks. The process is tiring and very bureaucratic, but it almost always gives a positive result to the student who will be traveling. 

How long is the US student visa valid for? 

The USA student visa will be valid according to the period that your exchange has. Generally, after completing the course, the exchange student gains a few days or weeks to enjoy a little.

 If your course lasts nine months, the probability of a visa lasting 11 months is high, with nine months for the course and two more grace period – a period for the student to enjoy the country, take a vacation before embarking back home. The US student visa has an advantage over others: extension. 

If the exchange student wants to extend his time in the country, the process will be super fast and will not require as much bureaucracy as in the application process. 


The entire enrollment process for an institution must be done in Brazil, with the student being obliged to attend school for at least 20 hours per week. In case of non-compliance, the tourist visa will be delivered in place of the student visa, and the student can only stay for six months in the country. 

How much does the student visa cost to the USA?

 The application for a student visa to the USA has considerable value, especially with the dollar’s rise in recent months. The first fee to be paid will be the MRV (US Visa Application Fee), which has a value of $ 160.

 In reais, this amount is close to R $ 880. The second fee to be paid is the SEVIS fee ( Student and Exchange Visitor Information System), which has a value of 200 dollars. In reais, this amount is approximately R $ 1100. In case of visa refusal, it will be necessary to make a new application. 

It will also be necessary to guarantee a quote with certified translation services. To learn more about it, contact the company right now through our phone: (11) 4318-7828. 


In this article, it was possible to read and understand how the US student visa works and the step by step to make your application. 

According to government data, tourism visas and student visas are the most requested by Brazilians. One of the steps to continue the application process, especially for students when sending documents, is the Puntoprecisoapp translation service.  

  1. This service, as informed, is what ensures that the document is valid in the country. In some cases, the Hague apostille service may be required. 
  2. The company has translators with over 30 years’ experience and, on top of that, offers the best cost-benefit in the market.  
  3. The company also offers the client the possibility of negotiating deadlines for better service and experience.  
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