How to immigrate to Australia?

If your interest is to know how to Immigrate to Australia, know that ST Traduções will help you. Australia is a country that has beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, and a rich ecosystem. The country’s climate is very similar to that of Brazil, which may draw even more attention from Brazilians to migration in one of the world’s most developed countries. High wages, hospitality, and quality public services are other factors that make Brazilians seek opportunities in Australia.

In comparison, the minimum wage in Australia is up to seven times higher than in Brazil. Exchange is another strong point of attraction for Brazilians: Australia offers more than 1,200 institutions and 22,000 language courses. Brazil is currently the fourth country that sends the most students there, about 25 thousand per year.

SkillSelect Australia has an immigration program for professionals, similar to the American green card, known as Skill Select. Its primary purpose is to validate an application for a permanent visa and allow its holders to work without limitations. To win SkillSelect, the foreigner must:

  • Work in an area on one of the government’s demand lists.
  • Validate the process of recognition of your profession in Australia.
  • Know English at an advanced level.
  • Pass the points test created by the Immigration Department.

The visa application comes through invitations issued according to the priority and punctuation of the requirements above. How is the cost of living in Australia? The cost of living in Australia is slightly higher than in Brazil. According to data from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the annual cost of living in Australia is AUD 23,740 per year (or AUD 1,753.43 per month). In Reais, this amount is approximately R $ 77,000 (or R $ 6,416.66 per month). In cases where the immigrant takes his / her spouse, the value increases by 35% and 15% for each child. By spending area, below you can find a list of the ordinary expenses you will have in Australia: Accommodation: AUD 300 weekly with a homestay or AUD 200 weekly in shared accommodation. Transport: On average, expenses reach AUD 30 per week. Australia has state-of-the-art trains, trams, ferries, and buses. Food: Food expenses reach AUD 60 and AUD 85 per week. Health: Health costs, as in many countries, account for a large part of monthly expenses. Some treatments can reach 400 dollars a day.

For foreigners, the government offers the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which has the value of AUD 150 for about four months and in Brazil. Do you need a visa for Australia? a visa is required. However, unlike other countries, the visa removal process is less bureaucratic and can be done entirely online.If the applicant is not fluent, help from someone who knows the language will be needed. The tourist visa withdrawal fee, which is valid for 12 months, is AUD 140 and must be paid using an international credit card. The deadline for this to be ready in 40 days. How does the Australian visa work? The Australian visa has a much simpler bureaucratic process than the American visa, for example. One of Australia’s primary income sources is tourism, so issuing this type of visa is much simpler. Sworn translation is how a document is translated into another language so that it is valid in another country. How do I legally live in Australia? is the only way to include family members when issuing a visa. However, you must meet four government requirements: Be under 50; Complete training in at least four years; Working time and postgraduate university between 36 and 48 years; Proven fluency in English through a test.

How to get a visa to stay in Australia? It is necessary to interview with an agent to make an analysis of the intended job, your age, fluency in the language, and satisfaction of the requirements below: Exercise a profession that is in demand in Australia; Get at least 60 points in the applied English test; Be under 50 years of age; Obtain a score of at least 60 points in a test that questions the length of professional experience, age, level of fluency of the language and degree of education. Remember that the only way to live legally in Australia is to contract or be married to a spouse hired by an Australian company. As mentioned, to apply for a visa, it is necessary to present translated documents. ST Traduções will be able to do this service for you. How to get an Australian visa in 2021?

 Australian Tourism Visa: Issuing a tourism visa must be done online and takes up to 40 days to be ready. Check out all the steps: Account creation at Mimi account; Agree to the privacy terms and conditions. Filling out the form. In the end, click submit now. It is essential to check all the information to know if they are correct. Pay online with your international credit card at the required rate. Australian Student Visa: Both for work and studies, a student visa must be issued.

In addition to presenting all the requested documentation, financial proof must also show which can in the following ways: The person responsible for paying for the exchange or the student must receive at least AUD 60,000 per year. In Reais, this amount is close to R $ 188,676.68. The amount for students traveling with family members is AUD 70,000, about R $ 220,122.79. Check that the account will have the value for the entire stay in the country. The monthly amount to be demonstrated by the candidate must correspond to AUD 1,753.42, in Real R $ 5,513.82. In the case of a six-month stay, the amount must be multiplied by six. The validity of this visa is equivalent to the course time plus thirty days of vacation.

How long can I stay in Australia? The only visa that does not have a specific time is housing, as it will depend on the job you or your spouse has. For the student visa, the length of stay will depend on the duration of the course. If it lasts less than ten months, the student can stay the course time plus thirty days of vacation. If the course is more than ten months old, the course time can be plus two months of vacation. The holder of the tourist visa can stay up to twelve weeks in six months. The visa is valid for one year, allowing tourists to go to the country twice in the period. Currently, the Australian dollar is close to R $ 3.25. The tourist visa varies between AUD 135 and AUD 340 (equivalent to R $ 437 and R $ 1,101.60, respectively).

The student visa varies between AUD 550 and AUD 1,095 (equivalent to R $ 1782 and 3547.80, respectively). Finally, the work visa is worth AUD 310 (equivalent to R $ 1004.40) for between 3 and 6 months. The permanent work visa has a value of AUD 540 (equivalent to R $ 1749.60). Conclusion In this article, it was possible to understand a little more about migration to Australia, one of the world’s most developed countries. Part of the process will require a sworn translation service request, and ST Traduções can do this for you for two reasons. The company has the best cost-benefit in the market, in addition to the possibility of negotiating terms. The company guarantees convenience; that is, the entire process can be done online, from the document’s sending to the delivery of it.


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