How to immigrate to Ireland in 2021? 

 If you entered this link to learn more regarding immigrating to Ireland, you are in the right place. In this article, you will know:

Many Brazilians have sought Ireland as a destination to start their lives over. The English language, culture, and opportunities that the country offers in health and technology are some attractive points that make Ireland welcome many foreigners. 

To move to Ireland and be a new immigrant in the country, you will have three alternatives, all of which are dependent on your visa. 

During the article, you will learn more about how each visa model mentioned above works. 

Reasons to live in Ireland. 

 In addition to being part of the so-called developed countries, the country offers excellent opportunities for foreigners, especially employment. Ireland always encourages foreigners with incredible opportunities and a very high minimum hourly wage compared to Brazil: € 10.10 (data from 2020). The city of Cork, for example, is usually highly recommended, as it houses several companies and generates more significant job opportunities.


Another factor that is often decisive in global change is language. Ireland’s official language is English, which means that you can improve your English even more if you decide to immigrate there. For immigrants, Dublin’s city is also a great choice, especially for young adults, as it has incredible architecture and an active nightlife. That is, it always offers tours and different places to go. In return, the cost of living in the city is high, but if you are employed, you will live in peace. 

 How is immigration in Ireland? 

In the introduction to this article, we said that there are three alternatives for you to become an immigrant in Ireland. Every year many immigrants arrive in the country, mainly through exchange programs. Irish legislation is stringent, so you must always pay attention to Irish laws, especially immigration laws. Check out a little more about the visas that allow you to live in Ireland: 

Study visa 

The student visa has an average duration of two years – for undergraduate and graduate courses. Warded to exchange students of language, undergraduate, and graduate courses. It is worth mentioning that the country presents excellent opportunities in technology, health, and engineering. The Stamp 2 visa (study visa with work permit) is valid for six to eight months and allows its holder to work for 20 hours a week during study periods and 40 hours a week during study vacation. 

Work visa 

The work visa in Ireland is one of the most bureaucratic visas in existence. However, it also has a significant advantage, a longer validity. For your application, the hiring company must file an immigration application and send proof to the government that an Irishman or a European citizen cannot fill the vacancy in question. 

Irish Citizenship 

Finally, there is still another way to enter Ireland legally, that is, through second citizenship. Many Brazilians seek information about their ancestors for this purpose, becoming an Irish citizen, you will be able to live in the country and move freely around the European Union. Another way to achieve dual citizenship is through marriage to an Irish citizen or Irish citizen. 

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What does it take to live in Ireland? 

To live in Ireland, in addition to having a student visa or a work visa or having a second citizenship, you must have proof of income to enter the country. What also happens in Australia. In cases of exchange, the person responsible for payment needs to prove his income. To learn more about this process, visit this link to read our full article on how to immigrate to Australia.


The amounts that must be presented in the proof of income to enter Ireland are much lower than other countries. To enter Australia, for example, the person responsible for paying for the exchange must receive approximately R $ 185,000. To enter Ireland as a student, it is necessary that the student opens an account with an Irish bank, preferably national, and takes into account the minimum of € 3,000, in addition to taking out private medical insurance.

 How to work legally in Ireland?

 In addition to Irish citizenship, which guarantees the same rights and duties as a person born in Ireland, there are two other ways to work legally in Ireland. The first is to obtain a student visa or a Stamp 2 visa (study visa with work permit). For the work permit to be valid, the proof of enrollment must be from a course with at least 25 weeks of class.


The other way to work legally in Ireland is through the work visa we talked about earlier. This visa is only granted to a foreigner if the company proves that the vacancy cannot be filling by a European citizen or a native person. 

How to go to Ireland as a tourist? 

Going to Ireland as a tourist is not complicated. Brazilian citizens with a Brazilian passport can travel to Ireland as tourists for a maximum of 90 days. 

  • Proof of reservation for the Hotel or a letter of invitation from a resident; 
  • Health insurance; 
  • Proof of income to be maintained during the period; 
  • Proof that you need to return to the country of origin; 
  • Round trip ticket; 
  • Passport valid for at least six months; 
  • Documents so that immigration can contact you.

How to do an exchange in Ireland? 

Ireland was the fourth country most sought after by Brazilians for an exchange in 2016. Also, each year that passes, Brazilians are the second nationality fastest growing in the European continent.


It is necessary to apply for a student visa and enroll in an educational institution to carry out an exchange. The exchange program also allows the participant to work if the course lasts at least 25 weeks. During the period of classes, you can work part-time and on vacation full time. It is also necessary to open an account with a value of € 3,000. 


The article presented showed us how it is possible to immigrate to Ireland and how we can go to the country only as tourists. The company also offers the client the possibility of negotiating deadlines for better service and experience. The entire service can be done online, without the need to go in person to the company. AZ has the best cost-benefit in the market, standing out from other competitors.


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