How to Renew Green Card new method

 know that you have clicked toward the right article. This page will bring you a little about what the “green card” is, translating into Portuguese, how to carry out its renovation, and how it is possible to continue living in Brazil with the Green Card. 

For almost all foreigners who wish to live in the United States, the Green Card is the biggest dream, as it allows you to live in one of the most important and developed countries in the world. Currently, the number of Brazilians residing in the United States is immense, exceeding 1 million – the largest contingent, in absolute numbers globally.

 And every year, that number has been gradually increasing according to a survey conducted by Travel.State.Gov (US Department of State) and analyzed by the consultancy Elite International Realty. According to the Consultant’s analysis, one of the main reasons for this growth is the EB5 Visa, aimed at investments and job creation and the uncertainty of the financial market in Brazil in recent years.

What is a Green Card? In short, the Green Card is a permanent visa granted by the American government that gives immigrants the right to housing, work, and taxes. Compared to other types of visas, the Green Card does not have any bond. 

Below you can find a list of all the rights and duties of Green Cardholders:

  • Pay applicable state taxes; 
  • Pay applicable federal taxes; 
  • Good moral character; 
  • Physical presence requirements;
  •  Possibility to live and work anywhere in the USA; 
  • Fully protected by US local, 
  • state and federal laws;
  •  Access to the world-class educational system; 
  • Access to world-class medical care; 
  • Travel outside of the USA (provided that with proper authorization and documentation, and with a stipulated return period); 
  • Option to obtain US citizenship.

How do I renew my Green Card? 

 In this topic, you will know how to renew your Green Card. This document needs to be renewed every ten years. The renewal of your Green Card is done in six steps, and you will know all of them, in a well-explained way, below: The first step: Enter the renewal process at least six months before the expiration of the Green Card. 

This deadline is given as a precaution since the whole process can be time-consuming. Second step: Fill in the USCIS I-90 form available on the USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Service website. The processing of the paperwork will only start after correct completion. Third step: Submitting the Fee for renewal. The total value is around US 450 dollars.

 Payment must be made by check or money order issued by an American bank payable only to the United States Department of Homeland Security. After paying the fee, ST Traduções will help you with Sworn Translation services. The notification will come by email and provide the necessary information for a possible interview. Fifth Step: Scheduling and attendance to collect fingerprints and a new photo for the Green Card. Sixth Step: Review of documentation sent to the US Immigration Service. 

If there is no further notification requesting attendance, it is only necessary to wait for the arrival of your Green Card.

How to keep the green card living in Brazil? 

Did you know that you can keep your Green Card living in Brazil? American law allows the Green Card holder to leave the country for six months a year; that is, the holder can stay six months in another country each year. 

 he must present Form I-551 at the airline’s counter. The possibility of staying longer than this exists, but DHS will not issue a so-called Boarding Authorization, which will result in the request for a resident visa in return. For you to return to the United States, you must submit the following documents: 

  • Valid passport; 
  • Form I-131A completed;
  • Evidence of online payment of the I-131A fee (Printing of payment receipt or confirmation page); 
  • A 5X7cm photo; 
  • Evidence of removing conditional status – if your green card is conditional with two years of validity and is expired; 
  • The boarding pass or company declaration. 


Reading this article allowed you to know all the steps to get a Green Card renewal. 

Currently, Brazil is the country with more foreigners holding this type of American visa. According to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, more than 1 million Brazilians live in the country, and between 2016 and 2018, there was an increase of 33%.


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