Most Useful 4 Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad

In India, most students dream of studying in top foreign universities like Harvard, Princeton, Caltech, and MIT. Because of financial limitations, on the other hand, many young minds have been refused the ability. This is why many governments and worldwide bodies have come together to introduce low-interest student loans and scholarships ensure that talented students aren’t denied the prospect of excellent education due to lack of funds.

Inch. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

Founded from the United States-India Educational Foundation, or USIEF, these scholarships are offered to Indians who would like to pursue a master’s level course or research in any U.S. institution.

Students that have completed the U.S. equivalent of Bachelor (4 years of college instruction ) and have a minimum of three decades of relevant work experience qualify for the scholarship. Besides instruction, candidates are also assessed on communication abilities, leadership and community support, and also their purpose of pursuing higher studies. For this reason, it is advisable if you highlight those aspects in this application.

The scholarships cover airfare (economy), tuition fees, textbooks, and a living stipend.

There’s absolutely not any specified number of chairs to all these scholarships since USIEF considers that the applications of all candidates who are located deserving.


Nominees that are Indian citizens who also have procured admission to Cornell University are eligible to apply for this informative article. They need to also produce proof that they need need-based educational funding.

For apps like Architecture that exceed that duration, the further costs are managed by the student themselves. Different expenses, including food, medical, living, and travel expenses, can also be covered under the pupil.

What’s more, the Trust only supports a total of 20 students studying at Cornell simultaneously. Software for the pupil opens in the month of October/November every year, round the period of faculty applications, as the ultimate selections are announced in December.

Even the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission presents financial aid in the form of scholarships for students coming from Commonwealth countries such as India, who try to pursue Masters and Ph.D. programs within the U.K.

To be eligible, the candidate should be an Indian Citizen and may have completed instruction in the English medium.

Scholarship software opens in August annually, prior to the beginning of the course, another calendar year. Having said that, the commission will not need any specific number of chairs; deserving candidates are shortlisted for your scholarship.

4. Chevening Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by the U.K. government to help Indian professionals and students finish a year-long master’s schedule in the country and accept leadership functions later on.

To qualify, applicants must have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Moreover, the U.K. government also considers candidates with two years or more of work experience with this particular scholarship.

The application process for the scholarship usually takes approximately six months, starting from the next week of August. The approach leads to July every year. There are 65 scholarships being offered every year under this program.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you go! Do not allow your dreams of furthering your education to wither away because of financial limitations. There are various programs offering loans for degrees in India and scholarships to school applicants. You could also choose one based on your own aspirations.

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