What is the minimum income to apply for a Canadian visa? 

When we talk about the necessary documentation for applying for a Canadian visa, we also point to proof of income. There is no defined amount for all cases; the minimum desirable income depends on some situations, specifications, and rules. Values in Canadian Dollar (C $), the local currency. The rate of the Canadian Dollar to the Real, the Brazilian currency, varies from time to time, so it is advisable to consult on the internet the correct amount to be presented. Proof of income is required to enter Canada for whatever reason, be it study, work, or tourism. 

The income to be declared varies according to the different situations, as we said earlier. 

If it is a family trip, the number of people between friends or workgroups and their ages, for example, is significant, as it is a factor that changes the minimum desirable income. 

If the individual intends to travel alone, the specifications will be different. The values that we will exemplify below refer to one year of stay on Canadian soil. When the period of stay is shorter, the income to be proven decreases proportionately. 

Anyone applying for a visa alone, whether single or not and intending to go to Canada without a companion, needs to show C $ 10,000. Proof of this amount throughout Canada, except Quebec, one of the most popular destinations when it comes to Canada. 

For Quebec, the value goes up by another C $ 1,000, totaling C $ 11,000. About families, the values will be different from the previous case when it comes to a couple without children. The amount to be declared when dealing with the latter situation is, together, C $ 14,000. 

 As in the previous situation (and in all other existing ones), Quebec’s declared value is different. There, the price is C $ 15,100. The amount to be confirmed by the couple is the same as we saw in the previous case, of C $ 14,000. In Quebec, the children’s age is more important, as the value ends up varying if they are older or younger. Minors must prove C $ 11,903. Those over 18 years old will prove C $ 15,100 or will not have their visa approved. As already mentioned, the Canadian Dollar to Real exchange rate varies from day today. It is essential to consult the quote on the internet before applying for a Canadian visa to carry out the entire process correctly. 

How much does it cost to get a Canadian visa? 

A visa is required, even if it is just a stopover. However, it is obtained free of charge.

However, in-person at a CVAC, the Canadian Visa Application Center (Canadian Visa Application Center, initially). In Brazil, CVACs by a company called VFS Global. VFS Global is an intermediary between applicants and the Canadian consulate, which is the body responsible for examining applications. VFS Global has offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Brasília. As previously mentioned, the values are defined in Canadian Dollars, the currency of Canada. 

Consult the internet for the variation for the Brazilian currency, Real, so that there are no problems in the process with the amounts to be paid and no surprise for the applicant’s pocket. If the documentation and forms are approved, the applicant in question will receive an email from the Canadian government with a request to send the passport. 

All of this can be delivered in person, at a VFS Global office, or via the Post Office, according to email instructions. Once the passport has received the visa, the requesting individual receives another email, informing them that they can either pick it up at CVAC or receive it at home (if the second option is chosen, the document is sent with a shipping fee ).

With the fee payment, passports will be forwarded to the consulate, along with documentation and forms duly completed. CVCs also offer several other services in their facilities, such as terminals for filling out forms, machines for photocopying documents, and professionals to assist in filling out forms, among others.

How long does it take to get a Canadian visa? 

As we already know, a Canadian visa is necessary for all Brazilian citizens who wish to visit Canada. It is recommended that the visa be issued at least six weeks in advance so that everything is regularized without causing problems for the trip in question. 

According to the Canadian government’s official website, the current processing time is approximately 12 days, in addition to the time of sending and returning passports to VFS Global. The Canadian visa, whether eTA or TRV, is valid for six months to 10 years. 

It all depends on the expiration date of the passport of the person applying for the visa. That is, if the passport expires, the visa also expires. When this happens, it is necessary to renew your passport and apply for a new visa, 

 In addition to the visa, to live life generally in Canada, personal documents must be duly translated; that is, they must undergo LEGAL TRANSLATION.

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